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Poly Real Estate

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Poly Real Estaterkv柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Founded in 1992, Poly Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd. (Stock abbreviation: Poly Real Estate, Stock code: 600048) is a large-scale state-owned real estate company controlled by China Poly Group and also the main operation platform of China Poly Group's real estate business. Real estate development qualified enterprises, state-owned real estate enterprises overall strength tops, and for four consecutive years reelected the central real estate brand value of the first name, in 2009, the company's brand value of 9.023 billion yuan, China's real estate, "leading power of growth brand." In July 2006, the Company's shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In 2009, the Company was ranked first in the overall value of real estate listed companies and was selected as "2008 Outstanding Management Team of Listed Companies in China". In 2009, the Company signed sales of 43.382 billion yuan. As of the first quarter of 2010, the company's total assets have exceeded 100 billion.rkv柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

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