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Foxconn Group

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Foxconn Group in Taiwan, China known as Hon Hai Technology Group.FkK柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Investment in mainland China in 1988, specializing in the production of 3C products and semiconductor equipment Hi-Tech Group (the world's largest foundry), is the world's largest electronics manufacturers, with more than 120 million employees and the world's top IT customer base.FkK柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

In 2011, its exports accounted for 5.8 percentage points of the total amount of mainland China's exports, ranking the top 200 for mainland exports for 9 consecutive years.FkK柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Ranked the 60th in Fortune Global 500 in 2011.FkK柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

2012 into the top 50 global enterprises, ranked No. 43. In mainland China, Taiwan and the Americas, Europe and Japan and other places have dozens of subsidiaries in China in southern China, East China, North China and other places to create the eight major science and technology industrial park.FkK柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Since 1991, the Group has maintained a compound annual growth rate of more than 50% in average annual revenue. It is the world's largest manufacturer of computer connectors and computer standards and has been selected as one of the 100 largest global information technology companies released by Business Week in the United States for 9 consecutive years Ranking (2005,2006 ranked second), for four consecutive years ranked the top 200 enterprises in mainland China exports.FkK柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

2005 (371), 2006 (206th), 2007 (154th), 2008 (132th), 2009 (109th), 2010 (112th), 2011 (No. 60), 2012 (No. 43) and 2013 (No. 30) ranked among the Fortune 500 in a row.FkK柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Over the years, the Group's outstanding operational achievements and its strategy of rooting in the mainland and investing in science and technology are deeply affirmed by the leaders of the country. Many leaders from Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Li Ruihuan, Li Changchun and Wu Yi visited the group many times and inspected the group " Take root in China, global operations, "to support the giant.FkK柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

2013 Ranked 30th among Fortune Global 500 Companies.FkK柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

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