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Large data center backup power solution

Large data center backup power solution

The data center is a IT equipment site with a large number of servers, storage devices, network equipment and supporting UPS, precision air-conditioners and other equipment. It is a service platform for centralized processing, storage, transmission, exchange and centralized management of data information. At the physical level, the data center consists of three parts: IT equipment, power distribution system and air conditioning system.
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The data center is a IT equipment site with a large number of servers, storage devices, network equipment and supporting UPS, precision air-conditioners and other equipment. It is a service platform for centralized processing, storage, transmission, exchange and centralized management of data information. At the physical level, the data center consists of three parts: IT equipment, power distribution system and air conditioning system. IT equipment is used for data processing (server), data storage (storage) and communication (network equipment), is the core of data center functions; distribution system and air conditioning system is to achieve the normal operation of IT equipment and systems to protect. Distribution system is used to provide a stable power supply, DC to AC conversion, and to ensure the IT equipment to provide reliable, high-quality power supply; the quality of the power supply will directly affect the safe operation of IT equipment, air-conditioning system to ensure IT Equipment at normal temperature and humidity work.XwQ柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

1 data center power consumption scale and characteristics
In recent years, the dependence on information technology of business processing in various industries in China has been on the increase. The domestic data center market has gradually expanded, the investment scale has been rapidly increasing, and the demand for electricity has also increased year by year. Based on the analysis of electricity consumption in the data center, we found that the data The main power of the center presents the following features:
1.1 Data center power reliability is the core requirement of the data center. It requires a complete fault handling mechanism to ensure its reliable and stable operation. Therefore, in the data center distribution system, in addition to the normal dual-loop independent power supply in the power distribution system, it is equipped with accidental backup diesel generators and large-capacity UPS in the data center. Meanwhile, in the data center power distribution system, Processing mechanism, will take into account the power supply loss, bus failure, switch tripping and switchgear and a series of other non-normal circumstances how to maximize the reliability of equipment to meet the requirements.
1.2 Data center distribution system is more complicated than the general building distribution system, it is because of the above characteristics of the reliability of electricity, so compared with the general building distribution system, the data center distribution system adds a diesel generator, large capacity UPS, etc., making it more complex structure.
1.3 Data center power consumption presents a trend toward large-scale and high-density data centers have become the new "power tigers." According to the report of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, data centers in the United States accumulated electricity consumption of 100 billion kwh in 2011, accounting for the total 1.5% of electricity consumption, electricity costs of about 7.4 billion US dollars, the same alarming power consumption of the global data center, according to IDC report in 2005 the global data center power consumption is 0.8% of global electricity consumption, while a single has risen to million Kilowatt level, large-scale data center development, high-density development, which will increase the data center distribution cabinet requirements.
2 data center power management solutions
According to the above data center power consumption scale and characteristics, data center power management is particularly important, a reasonable solution not only to protect data center power consumption, but also can greatly improve data center power efficiency, the following chart is common Data center distribution system diagram, can be divided into automatic power control system, precision power distribution monitoring system and precision distribution cabinet monitoring system, each system will show different power characteristics. For different control systems, we will take different solutions.
Data Center 2.jpg
Figure 1 data center distribution system diagram
2.1 power automatic control system
The system mainly according to different design requirements, in different scenarios to achieve the power switch between the control functions for the data center system to provide a stable and reliable power supply, we use the power monitoring system Acrel-2000, the system can be achieved on the low voltage cabinet Protection monitoring and control devices, multi-function power meters, temperature controller, DC screen and other devices that can access the monitoring system through the communication interface or pulse, analog, etc. for data monitoring, the main use of the system is the power APMD Series and AM5 Microcomputer Protection Devices As the measurement and control devices, the APMD Series integrates the measurement of all power parameters and has various peripheral interface functions for user selection. With RS485 communication interface and MODBUS-RTU protocol Communication network management needs, with the switch input and relay output circuit breaker switch to achieve the "remote" and "remote control" function, is ideal for real-time power monitoring system, optional large-capacity SD card for saving Various fault messages and up to 200 SOT event records. AM5 series of computer protection devices provide uninterrupted protection for the power distribution system. Once a fault occurs, the device can disconnect the fault circuit within 40ms to protect the primary equipment and non-fault circuit from normal operation and prevent the accident from expanding. To meet the design requirements in addition to logic, the system is stable and reliable system-level core requirements, in order to meet the high stability and reliability of system control, we can also control the hardware and software through a series of measures to improve system stability and reliability Sex, mainly include:
Hardware measures:
Improve the installation environment
2. Improve the power quality, reliable grounding system;
3. Through the hardware circuit on the input / output signal error-proofing process;
4. Protect the input / output circuit by the hardware circuit.
Software measures:
1. Increase the interlock logic to prevent misuse;
2. Use timer to filter false input signal and interference signal;
3. Track the action time of field equipment to protect equipment safety;
4. Increase the locking logic to improve the system's ability to judge equipment failure;
5. Set power failure memory function to protect the data security.
2.2 precision distribution monitoring system
According to the characteristics of LV distribution cabinet, our company introduced the data center power management system software which takes AMC16Z as the main module, which can monitor and measure the bus voltage of the three-phase total incoming line + 1-phase three-phase line current, active power, reactive power, power factor, active energy, reactive energy +21 single-phase outlet (7 three-phase) current, active power, reactive power, , Active energy, reactive energy + 1 way switch output + 1 way RS485 communication +21 way active switch input (AC220V) + 1 way passive switch input. Through the display terminal installed on the front panel can view the incoming and outgoing line measurement data and switch status, and can set the device parameters and settings, etc., all the data can be connected to the back-end power distribution management system through the RS485 port, in order to achieve Centralized monitoring of precision power distribution. Coupled with energy efficiency management software, power distribution can be optimized to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.
2.3 precision distribution cabinet monitoring system
Taking into account the precision distribution cabinet in the line circuit current is generally larger, can reach hundreds of amps, the outlet circuit current is relatively small, usually less than 63 amps, and the load more than the number of other electrical characteristics, our company Launched the data center power management system software, the system software installed in the first cabinet by the AMC16M series of products to achieve the end of the server IT equipment, sophisticated management, the management system includes all aspects of data center server power management, It can realize the monitoring and measurement of the electrical parameters of the two incoming lines and multiple outgoing lines, the harmonic measurement of the incoming and outgoing voltage and current, the indication of the switch status, the over limit alarm, over-voltage and under-voltage of the over-current and under- , Lack of phase, over frequency, low frequency over the alarm function, can play a preventive role in failure, easy to take measures in advance to achieve a comprehensive monitoring, precision distribution cabinet monitoring system mainly to achieve the following functions:
1. Highly integrated monitoring equipment, a single set of instruments to complete dozens of traditional instruments to complete the function;
2. Scalability, can monitor 2 lines and 36-way electrical parameters of the state;
3. Monitoring switchgear opening and closing state;
4. Interface through the man-machine interface operation, user-friendly;
Figure 2 data center power management solutions system diagram

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