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China Railway Group

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China Railway Group Co., Ltd. was established on September 12, 2007 and is a joint-stock limited company established by China Railway Engineering Corporation in the form of an overall restructuring and exclusive sponsorship.tA2柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

The predecessor of China Railway Engineering Corporation was the General Administration of Construction Engineering and Design Bureau of the Ministry of Railways established in March 1950 and later changed to the Basic Construction Administration of the Ministry of Railways.tA2柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

In July 1989, the Ministry of Railways canceled the capital construction bureau and set up China Railway Engineering Corporation.tA2柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

In September 2000, China Railway Engineering Corporation was "decoupled" from the Ministry of Railways and transferred to the management of the Central Government's large-scale enterprise work committee as a whole.tA2柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

After the establishment of SASAC of the State Council, China Railway Engineering Corporation has been vested in the SASAC of the State Council since April 2003. November 2006, SASAC became the first batch of wholly state-owned enterprise board of directors pilot enterprises.tA2柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

In January 2007, in accordance with the Party Central Committee and State Council's spirit of further deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, in accordance with the requirements of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council to expedite the reform of the shareholding system of state-owned large enterprises and support qualified enterprises in listing as a whole, China Railway Engineering Corporation started to promote the enterprise The overall restructuring and listing at home and abroad.tA2柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

With the approval of the State Council and the approval of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China Railway Group Co., Ltd. held its inaugural meeting on September 12, 2007 and completed the registration formalities for industrial and commercial registration. China Railway Group Co., Ltd. was officially established and listed.tA2柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

China Railway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Railway Group, the acronym CREC, stock code: 601390) was formerly established in March 1950 People's Republic of China Ministry of Railways Engineering and Design Bureau, merged in 1958 as the Ministry of Railways, July 1, 1989, set up as China Railway Engineering Corporation, in May 2003 under the State Council SASAC management, the central large-scale backbone enterprises. September 2007, the overall restructuring of China Railway Group Co., Ltd. was established on December 3 and 7, respectively, in Shanghai, Hong Kong listed on both.tA2柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

China Railway Group's business covers the survey, design, construction and installation, industrial manufacturing, real estate development, resources and minerals, financial investment and other fields with total assets of 468.7 billion yuan and net assets of 81.35 billion yuan. It is the second largest construction contractor in the world, In the year to enter the top 500 Chinese architecture, ranked first in 2011. China Railway ranks 9th among the top 500 Chinese enterprises and 6th among central enterprises. In the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2011", the company ranked No. 4 with an operating income of 473.663 billion yuan. Ranked 25th among "Top 500 Chinese Brands in 2015" by China Institute of Brand Value.tA2柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

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