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China Railcom

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Since its establishment 10 years ago, China TieTong has always adhered to the principle of "winning market by service, brand building by quality and enhancing competitiveness by differentiation". On the basis of ensuring unimpeded railway communication, it has made great efforts to open up the public telecommunication market and achieved good economic benefits. Social benefits. The company's main income from 37.4 billion yuan in 2001 increased to 15.5 billion yuan in 2006, an average annual increase of 30%. As of the end of 2006, the total assets of the company reached 55.3 billion yuan, an increase of nearly three times than the beginning of its establishment. The number of fixed telephone subscribers reached 18.2 million, the number of Internet broadband subscribers was unprecedented, reaching 3.14 million by the end of 2006, and the annual growth rate of total staff productivity was 33%.y7W柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

China TieTong adopts advanced technology to build a complete, unified, advanced and nationwide communication network with 150,000 km of communication lines, over 18 million lines of office switches and 1.16 million data service ports. Can provide a fixed network local calls, domestic and international long distance calls, IP telephony, data transmission, Internet, video, card, call center, virtual private network, web hosting, fax storage and forwarding, and many other value-added telecommunications services. With the support of the Ministry of Information Industry, 3G and digital trunking trials were carried out in 2004. With the continuous development of railway GSM-R construction and the full implementation of digital trunking commercial trials, the company has started to engage in the field of mobile communications.y7W柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

China Railcom launched [10050] customer service platform, quality of service has reached the Ministry of Information Industry ministerial standards, the establishment of a national billing center, the provincial billing center and the national customer service system, is the first country to provide users with local telephone Detailed list of telecom operators. In the long-term practice of providing communication services for railway transportation, the company has strengthened its team and enriched its experience. It has the foundation and strength to provide high-quality services to large customers, especially those across industries.y7W柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Facing the future, China Tietong will take the guidance of the important thought of "Three Represents" as a guide and take the pilot of the board of directors of state-owned enterprises as an opportunity to establish a modern enterprise system as a means of adhering to the principle of "dedication and entrepreneurship, learning and innovation, Adhere to the principle of "focusing on characteristics, focusing on development, accelerating reform and strengthening cooperation" and strive to establish itself as a modern telecom operator with high efficiency, strong team, good image, complete business and strong competitive power .y7W柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

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