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Philippine Resort

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Philippine Resort Customer CaseUAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

The structure of production and trade in the Philippines is dominated by agriculture and industry, with particular emphasis on food processing, textile and clothing, and light industries such as electronics and automotive components. Most of the industry is concentrated in the suburbs of Metro Manila. The mining industry in the Philippines has great potential, with large reserves of chromite, nickel and copper.UAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

The rapid development of the tertiary industry in the Philippines has emerged as one of the emerging markets for emerging industrial countries and the world. Therefore, there is great potential for the generator market in the Philippines. The case of the Philippine Resort described in this article is a success story of our company in the Philippines.UAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Briefly introduce the Philippines Kaka Bay ResortUAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Kaka Bay Resort is the Philippines' largest entertainment company - Sun City Entertainment Co., Ltd., a meeting hub, accommodation, leisure and entertainment in one, the decoration is very luxurious high-end, slow shaking hall, different sizes of medium and small luxury package room.UAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Kaka Bay Resort, facing the blue sky blue sea, clear sand children, paradise beauty are: near the sea there are more coral reefs and a large number of fish, diving into the water, unlimited. The entire resort project is divided into casino civic center and leisure resort area. The total area is about 67,000 square meters.UAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Kaka Bay Resort main building in Southeast Asia momentum style design, with the welcome lobby, bar, cafeteria, open-air cafes, boutiques, lunch shop and games room. Into the welcome lobby., Into the lobby canteen, equipped with self-service cafeteria and lounge, open upstairs cafe overlooking the endless sea viewUAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Kaka Bay Resort is a high-end resort, the face of the pursuit of high consumption and high enjoyment of customers, so I Division's technology and equipment have higher requirements. This project, our company has two major difficulties:UAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Noise problemUAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

This is the biggest drawback of the generator industry, ordinary muffler works can make the noise down to a certain extent, but still not meet the requirements of this project, our company dispatched more than 10 years of experience in noise processing engineers rushed to the Philippines, After a detailed analysis and many experiments, finally the noise down to meet the requirements of this project, which is Division I silencer engineering a technological breakthrough.UAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

2 local electricity environment.UAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

Different from the domestic 220V / 50Hz, the local electricity is 220V / 60Hz, and the owners mainly use electricity and alternator power supply, the voltage is unstable, our company should ensure that the normal power supply of the generator does not affect the normal use of day and night, After two days of trial operation, the last to help owners with high-power voltage regulator to solve the voltage problem, until the acceptance is completed, during which I Division equipment has maintained a good working condition, without a bad machine.UAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

This project is the first successful case in which Yatong Electrical has deployed a professional engineering team to the Philippines for construction. Through this successful case, we are confident that the popularity of YATONG in the Philippines will open rapidly!UAI柴油发电机组租赁,发电机组租赁,东莞发电机出租,江苏发电机组租赁,浙江发电机组出租,静音型发电机组租赁,特种集装箱,定制

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